Learn how to use GCC EXPERT LX CUTTER & WinPCSIGN BASIC or PRO Software to create stickers and T-Shirts decals. In this video we show you how to create an CONTOUR CUT with WinPCSIGN. We also show you how to use the power of the automatic laser detection of the GCC EXPERT LX. 

After many test we can certified that GCC EXPERT LX is a cutter that goes smoothly and that make little noise. We have appreciated it precision for the price range. We where also quite impress by the precision of his CONTOUR CUT. 

In resume CONTOUR CUTTING with WinPCSIGN and GCC EXPERT LX is really fast and easy. If you need to goes in production this is a solution that we would recommend.

If you want to comment or ask questions about today’s video, to our team of professional sign makers, you can do so in comments where you can also suggest futur ones, that will be hopefully.

Download WinPCSIGN 2012 one month trial (free).


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